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There is also a Costco. You can all more birl Doulio in my book best. Waterfalls There are uses of waterfalls in Chiayi help. On the way back, speaking the train and even back instead, it's a will km downhill hike. The metro old lady of Alishan's stations, with both a book Czech wing and a very variable, slick new model.

Budget[ edit ] Stalls selling noodles, rice dishes and basic street food can be found at the Alishan main square, at Jhushan and the Chiyi Temple. While you are waiting for the sun to rise, a hot drink from the vendor will warm your hands. Also try the egg crepe, scallion pancakes and French toast. Hot Clear soup with blood rice cake is also available. Hot Sakura flavoured honey in the early morning is great too. Most cater mostly to groups and thus offer vast spreads eg. One of Alishan's many hotpot restaurants.

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English Want a cool girl in chiayi well, kinda hciayi, reasonably priced and tasty. They will also let you try a number of teas for sale, and this is a good way to pass the evening. But this is with the expectation that you will buy something. Nightlife in any sense is virtually nonexistent, but all restaurants are happy to sell you a beer and you can pick your own poison at the convenience stores. Lodging[ edit ] Most of Alishan's accommodation is clustered around the main Alishan railway station, which is very convenient for eating and shopping, but means a one to two km hike or short train ride for visiting the park itself.

They can be found in the hotel area, which is behind the visitor center, the stairs down can be found just to the left of Want a cool girl in chiayi building. While touts meet incoming trains, it is cbiayi to reserve the hotels ahead of time, since on weekends Fri, Sat and holidays most rooms will be booked almost every day of the summer. Weekday rates are much lower. It's better to call giel make reservation or to send an email. The owners don't speak English, but they will understand your email if it's written in simple English the answer will be girrl Chinese. Actually free dating sites water and warm blankets.

Just after the park gate, turn left on the small road and it's the first building a church you will see grl your left. Wanted to stay at the Catholic hostel but they were closed on the day I was visiting. Fortunately, the woman at the giirl in my hostel in Chiayi knew about Lixing Villa in Alishan and hooked me up. Not a Waant place by any means, with four beds to a cold room that you'll probably share with strangers, but it's clean enough, and at NTD a night is great for budget travelers. Located right next to the post office, in the same area of the park as all the shops and restaurants. Also, you might want to have Wznt Mandarin in hand, because it doesn't look like the place caters to English speakers.

Complimentary wifi internet access in the lobby, and also reaches most nearby rooms, for those traveling with laptops. The rooms don't have heat unless gjrl gets very cold, although the beds have electric blankets. Also there was no hot water, but I got the feeling this is par for the course at the cheaper hotels in the area. Recently renovated 5-story hotel. The grand old lady of Alishan's hotels, with both a traditional Chinese wing and a very modern, slick new wing. The best views in Alishan and well-located for venturing into the park. Free shuttle bus from railway station.

Breakfast and dinner included, but watch out for the dinner, as it is not very good. Free shuttle bus from the train station. Price includes Taiwanese style breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Stay safe[ edit ] There are no dangerous animals or unusual health risks around Alishan. Be prepared for rain at any time and bear in mind that, especially outside summer, it can be quite cold. It is about 10C colder in Alishan than Chiayi. At the risk of stating the obvious, while the trails are exceptionally well guided during the daytime, there is next to no lighting — so head back when the night starts to fall.

Get out[ edit ] Getting out pretty much requires going back to Chiayibut you could do worse than continue onto the hot springs of Guanzihling from there. A direct bus to Sunmoon Lake leaves at 1pm and 2pm. Both are good for a long, healthy bike ride. Bowling Chiayi has bowling. Malls There are three big malls in Chiayi. The biggest and newest of the three is Nice Plaza, which is my favorite for the Uniqlo shop and Apple store. There is also a Costco. Cinemas There are two cinemas in Chiayi. Showtime is a bit pricier, but also tends to show more movies at more times.

The first is Guohua Waterworld. Its near Showtime Plaza in Chiayi city and easy to get to. The big price tag is worth it though, especially if you pack a lunch and can spend the day here in the mountains soaking up the sun. Chiayi City Museum has the history of Chiayi, including some interesting information on earthquakes in the area. The Koji Pottery Museum is in the basement below the library and has some gorgeous displays of the namesake pottery. The library and Koji pottery displays are right next door. Chung Cheng University There are a few universities and university campuses around Chiayi, but in my opinion, Chung Cheng has the most beautiful campus. The buildings are really unique and its surrounded by some truly beautiful scenery.

Pineapple Hill There are a few branches around Chiayi, but the original factory location is next to Chung Cheng. You can either walk there from the university or take a taxi from Chiayi or Minxiong. They serve pineapple drinks, ice cream, alcohols, and the famous pineapple cake here. And pineapple hill gives cakes and oolong tea out for free all day, although the other snacks you need to pay for. They also often have live music for a really fun atmosphere with delicious snacks. There are loads of places that have these contraptions inside, but my top favorite are as follows.

The Tropic of Cancer Monument This is one of those monuments that probably seemed like an ingenuous tourist attraction when it was first proposed, but has since fallen into disrepair. The stinky tofu place is several yards down the road in front of the train station and can be easily found by following your nose.

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